Min Shi Fu Brand Fried Chicken and Seafood Powder tempura flour 908g x 10bags

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Key attributes

Industry-specific attributes

Type Fried Chicken Powder
Max. Moisture (%) 7
Packaging Bag


Other attribute

Shelf Life 18 monthes
Place of Origin Fujian, China
Made From Wheat, Rice
Processing Type Blended
Grade A
Weight (kg) 0.9KG
Brand Name Min Shi Fu
Model Number 908g x 10bags
Product name fried chicken batter mix
Keyword Mix Tempura Flour
Usage Frying Food
Usage Fried Food
Color Golden Yellow
Storage Dry Place
Package 2/5/10/25/50 Kg Bags
Whatsapp 008615959252866


Packaging and delivery

Packaging Details

908g x 10bags per carton
Loading capacity: 1450CTNS/20'', 2600CTNS/40''GP, Overweight for 40'HQ.



Packaging and delivery


Quantity (cartons) 1 - 50 51 - 500 501 - 1400 > 1400
Lead time (days) 7 10 12 To be negotiated


Supply Ability


Supply Ability 50 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Day


Lead time


Quantity (cartons) 1 - 50 51 - 500 501 - 1450 > 1450
Lead time (days) 7 10 15 To be negotiated




Maximum order quantity: 1 carton
Sample price:


Customized logo Customized packaging Graphic customization
Min. order: 1450 Min. order: 1450 Min. order: 1450


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Brief Introduction
Min Shi Fu@  Crispy Chicken Batter Mix is a kind of special purpose flour that may ensure a crispy outside and tender inside  for fried chicken and seafood.  It is accompanied with Marinade Mix that be used in marinating the foodstuffs to be fried. After marinated,  the foodstuffs get dressed in the Batter Mix by a special way before fried in the hot oil.  


How To Use



Main Ingredients: Chicken wings 1000g, Squid 500g
Seasoning: Marinade Mix 80g, Kentucky fried chicken flour mix 500g, oil (appropriation)


1) Pour 1000g Chicken wings cleaned into a basin and then 70g Marinade Mix and 70g clean water. Dress them well and then preserve in the refrigerator for 4 - 12 hours, which would ensure the seasoning absorbed to the full extent. 

Remark 1 :The marinating is not only related to the flavor but also has an impact on how successful the crispy outside is.
Remark 2 : The usage of Marinade Mix determines how heavy the flavor of the final fried chicken is. please kindly be advised that it could be slightly adjusted in spite of the amount suggested above. 


2) Slice the squids cleaned (500g) into ring and then add in 10g Marinade Mix. Mix well. Marinate for half an hour and then ready for deep fry.


Remark 3 : the usage of Marinade Mix for seafood such as squid would decrease and the timing need only half an hour since the seasoning is easy to be absorbed by the squids.

Remark 4 : The operation of fried squid is far easier to get a wonderful crispy outside than that of fried chicken. the beginner would practice making fried squids at first.

3) Power on the fryer. Pour the oil in. Turn the temperature to 150 Celsius degree. Preheat for use later. 

Remark 5 : the oil is better to select the light one, such as peanut oil or soybean oil. it is suggested not to select the dark one, such as colza oil. 


Remark 6 : Instead of the fryer, If using the common pan at home, It is hard to take control of the oil temperature, leading to deep-fried coke because of over temperature, or bad taste that is not crispy enough because of less temperature and long timing.In such a case, it is the key how to get hold of the temperature by adjusting the oven fire continuously. the veteran would perceive the heat by its hand over the oil surface. 


4) Pour Kentucky fried chicken flour mix into a plate and then the chicken wings marinated. Bury chicken wings in the flour and press tight by the palm of the hand. Down through both sides, the ten fingers get crossed and overturn the chicken wings tightly buried in the flour. 


Remark 7 : this is the first dressing that form the adhesive layer for the crispy flakes from the second dressing as following.



5) Pick up the chicken wings dressed and shake slightly, or knock on each other pinched by both hands. Then lay down in a plastic basket one by one in a circle. Sink the basket slowly into the water in a basin shown as the picture above. Soak the chicken wings in the water motionlessly in three seconds and then lift the basket out. Drop off the water and then pour the wings into powder. 


Remark 8 : do not touch the wings by hands after dropping off the water, avoiding the adhesive layer being destroyed. Just pour the wings into flour directly.



6) Bury the wings in the flour and press tightly again. Turn over the wings in the flour with the fingers crossed though. May repeat burying , pressing and overturning two or three times by the same way. Pick up the wings with enough flakes attached, shake slightly and then drop into the heated oil. 


Remark 9 : the movement of the fingers and the strength of control when overturning is skillful indeed. All the ten fingers should move in line and spiral the wings in flour to form the flakes. if the strength is too gentle, the forming of the flakes would fail; if too strong, the flakes would be rubbed off then. practice is needed. 


Remark 10 : Pay attention to the shaking also before dropped into the fryer, which is to shake off the flour from the wings that do not form the flakes. As a result, the flakes attached would stretch out better when deep fry, which would may ensure the crispy taste with a good looking and furthermore, avoid that too much residual flour on the wings would absorb the oil and destroy the taste.




7) Deep fry the dressed chicken wings in the heated oil by 150 Celsius degree for three minutes. then Dish up. Serve hot. 

Remark 11 : After the temperature be set on as required, the timing would have an impact on the color of the final fried chicken wings. May float up or down in one minute to your preference. 


Remark 12 : The beginner would not only consume more batter mix but also waste more oil. After the failure in dressing perfectly,it not only mean a bad taste and a bad looking, but also the oil would turn muddy because too much powder go into the oil. Thus,it is important to properly strain the oil. 


Remark 13 : the oil color would get darker and darker when reused, which would have an impact on the color of the fried chicken also. Thus, it is important to properly change the oil. 


Remark 14 : Kentucky fried chicken flour mix would be reused. However, during the dressing, especially handled by the beginners,there would accumulate more and more flakes dropped off, which should be sifted out in time. Otherwise, the situation would worsen with more flakes easily dropped off and have a negative impact on the effect.



Q1. Are you factory or trading company?

A: We are a manufacturer focusing on seasoning for more than ten years experience. welcome to visit our factory in Xiamen.

Q2.Can you give us some samples?

A: Yes, sure. Free sample available and you need to undertake the delivery fee.

Q3.Do you support OEM service?

A: Yes, we do. The flavor, taste and package all can be customized according to your requirement.

Q4.How many flavors can I mix in one container?

A: One 20ft container can mix 2-3 flavors, one 40hq container can mix 4-5 flavors .

Q5.What is your delivery time?

A: Generally, it will take 20-25 days after receiving your advance payment with our brand. customer private brand around one month.

Q6. What is your terms of payment?

A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% balance before shipment.

Q7.How is trading terms and payment?

A: We accept FOB, CNF and CIF trading terms. T/T and LC payment in USD, Euro, HKD and cash in RMB.